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Title: [REQ] New Feature For Premium Users
Post by: pedro on 17-10-2019, 06:57:26
Hi Zoom Ty for ur software, i really want new feature to make our own generated custom text file after upload is done, for exemple "test.rar" is uploaded to many hosters
ur text will generate this one

[2019-10-15 19:03:49||||test.rar|
[2019-10-15 19:03:49|"other host"|"other host"/test||test.rar|
[2019-10-15 19:03:49|"other host"|"other host"/test||test.rar|
request i want to make my own custom text, so instead of trying to copy everylink alone, it will take longtime but if we can make custom text it will be super easy

what do u think ? is it possible

Title: Re: New Feature For Premium Users!
Post by: z_o_o_m on 17-10-2019, 19:08:52
if you want to contribute for that mail me. I can consider it if more people are interested