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Posted by: umeshk9954
« on: 10-06-2022, 17:17:35 »

I'm glad you can resolve my issue
Posted by: z_o_o_m
« on: 09-06-2022, 18:56:58 »

I understand it now. The tools always use a new server like when you upload with a new site from browser.
It does not matter if you are logged in. You just have can't reload the site. If you stay on the page and upload multiple files at once, then the server does not change.

Ok, so how does it should look like. It is probably not wise to upload 1000 files at the same server.
I would have to implement something like - you add a batch of files and it uploads to one server, then you add a second batch of files and it uses a different server.
Posted by: umeshk9954
« on: 09-06-2022, 07:46:54 »


Through your and zippyshare tool i am getting random server links but when i visit zippyshare website ( login my account and upload then i get same server links.
Posted by: z_o_o_m
« on: 08-06-2022, 19:00:30 »

Mail me for PayPal details.

So, with their tool you get links only with one server.
With my tool or web you get random servers? I can have a look.
Posted by: umeshk9954
« on: 07-06-2022, 22:01:38 »

When I upload through ZippyShare Website I get the same server number but through tool, I get different server number. Jdownloader Crawl fast same server number (FileCrypt folder "ZippyShare Links" with same server number) as compared to different server numbers.

Video-1: Link with Same Number -
Video-2: Link with Random Number -

Also I want to donate you, please give me your PayPal.

My Email:

It will be great if you add this feature.
Posted by: z_o_o_m
« on: 07-06-2022, 17:58:12 »

I don't understand the difference.

Zippyshare show server number in the link. I can't influence that.
I don't understand why you get only "1" in the first picture.
My program uses classic web method and get the links with server number.
Posted by: umeshk9954
« on: 07-06-2022, 11:30:35 »

Please add zippyshare upload with web api

here's the difference between zippyshare web and zippyshare tool api.

Please add if you can
Thank you