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Title: [Read this] Rules in this section !
Post by: z_o_o_m on 29-05-2009, 10:44:13
BUG reporting

You should right click red line with the failed upload and send bug report directly from program
or select "Help -> Bug & suggestion report" (bug report for the upload is not included!)
Fill all items and leave "Send Error LOG" checked!


- check if the hoster server works, if you can access and if you can upload from their website
- check Error LOG (from menu), it can contain some useful information
- add a screenshot (if needed)
- provide as much informations as you can
- your e-mail address (it is hidden for other users)
- do you use proxy, firewall, antivirus (Eset NOD)

You will recieve an e-mail if I find the problem (it may take some time).
Title: Re: Rules in this section !
Post by: Stefan on 16-07-2016, 03:53:36
I use  My uploads seem to work however but then I can not locate them.  With the link I get, I know they are there and downloadable but if I wanted to delete them or alter them in some way, they can not be located.  When I use 1fichier's upload function they go to the root and can be seen but it cumbersome and has limited features.  That is where (the root) my F&I Uploader used to put them but now they are invisible.  I don't know if it a problem with this app or with 1fichier.  I will write to them with the same explanation.
Title: Re: Rules in this section !
Post by: z_o_o_m on 16-07-2016, 08:53:49
Check the picture above. Right click any such upload (green line) and send the bug report. I will check your issue.