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Posted by: tazlien
« on: 27-06-2009, 17:24:34 »

Thanks for this quick update ;)

Congrats for all your job
Posted by: z_o_o_m
« on: 27-06-2009, 13:39:41 »

no problem, I fixed it ;) wait for a new version ;)
Posted by: tazlien
« on: 27-06-2009, 13:37:09 »

The copy format is saved because after a restart it continue working:
its just the gui field who don't display the current setting.

It apppear to be a simple gui update problem
Posted by: z_o_o_m
« on: 27-06-2009, 10:16:29 »

it seems like it doesnt save, ok, no problem :)
Posted by: tazlien
« on: 27-06-2009, 09:11:53 »

The field "Format for copying links to clipboard" always display the default format:
Code: newbielink:javascript:void(0); [nonactive]
%l event if we use a custom one: currently I use this one:
Code: newbielink:javascript:void(0); [nonactive]
[url=%l]%l [/url] It work but Gui setting don't show it.

Could you fix this little cosmetic bug?