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Requests / Create a dedicated section for shorteners
« Last post by lightduty on Today at 03:21:30 »
I see here on Requests that some users are requesting shorteners to be add to the ZOOM.
Is this request available? If not i have source...

Requests / Re: REQ
« Last post by lightduty on Today at 02:54:24 »
Admin, here a script to post on

Code: [Select]
javascript:(function(){var keyword=prompt("Type your Paste!","");var form=document.createElement('form');form.setAttribute('action','');form.setAttribute('method','POST');var input1=document.createElement('input');input1.setAttribute('type','hidden');input1.setAttribute('name','api_dev_key');input1.setAttribute('value','cc8ce2c336b42ed2ff67b6716faaacb1');form.appendChild(input1);var input2=document.createElement('input');input2.setAttribute('type','hidden');input2.setAttribute('name','api_option');input2.setAttribute('value','paste');form.appendChild(input2);var input3=document.createElement('input');input3.setAttribute('type','hidden');input3.setAttribute('name','api_paste_code');input3.setAttribute('value',keyword);form.appendChild(input3);var input4=document.createElement('input');input4.setAttribute('type','hidden');input4.setAttribute('name','api_paste_private');input4.setAttribute('value','0');form.appendChild(input4);var input5=document.createElement('input');input5.setAttribute('type','hidden');input5.setAttribute('name','api_paste_name');input5.setAttribute('value',keyword);form.appendChild(input5);var input6=document.createElement('input');input6.setAttribute('type','hidden');input6.setAttribute('name','api_paste_expire_date');input6.setAttribute('value','10M');form.appendChild(input6);document.body.appendChild(form);setTimeout(function(){form.submit();},1000);})();

Using my api key.
Requests / Re: shortener REQ
« Last post by lightduty on Today at 02:52:50 »

No api available.
Requests / Re: Telegram API for upload to own private channel REQ
« Last post by lightduty on Today at 02:43:45 »
Super easy. The only limitation is you need to create a bot and add the bot as administrator. It will be possible to post on telegram channels using iframe or xmlhttprequest. Pm me for solution.
Hacxx JS Bookmarklet

Code: [Select]
javascript:var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();'GET', '', true); xhr.send();(function(){var e=document.createElement("input");e.type="file",e.onchange=function(){var t=new FormData;t.append("files[]",this.files[0]);var n=new XMLHttpRequest;"POST","",!0),n.setRequestHeader("x-api-key","zR1FaT8TyMXQXgfuV7zEzCEOleyIE2I1eL9a4ebkYWi1Qz2S8gMl1kWy3wgfBUla"),n.onload=function(){if(200===n.status){console.log("File uploaded successfully!");var e=JSON.parse(n.responseText);alert("Uploaded file link: " + e.url)}else alert("An error occurred while uploading the file.")},n.onerror=function(){alert("An error occurred while uploading the file.")},n.send(t)},})();

Using my api key - zR1FaT8TyMXQXgfuV7zEzCEOleyIE2I1eL9a4ebkYWi1Qz2S8gMl1kWy3wgfBUla

May contain an issue while making the request.
xhr may not resolve the address, after an address hit the script works just fine.
Requests / Re: BitChute REQ
« Last post by lightduty on Today at 02:21:06 »
I checked it again and it may be possible in future

I think yes it's possible. Don't know if BitChute has api nevertheless should be easy to upload using html.
Requests / Re: I want to add this site REQ
« Last post by lightduty on Today at 02:16:45 » - The site doesn't open properly. - Will test. - Working great on my end.
Completed / Re: OK
« Last post by lightduty on Today at 02:12:11 » seems to be a good hoster. The payout isn't much.

I made 129 downloads for $0.13 of profit.
$50 minimum can cash out.

Admin: Add this service to the uploader.
Bug reporting / Re: Mediafire Upload Failed OK
« Last post by lightduty on Today at 02:09:18 »
Have this bug been fixed?
Requests / Re: plugin not working
« Last post by z_o_o_m on 19-05-2024, 14:47:21 »
Site change, I will update it
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