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Posted by: kignleo
« on: 08-02-2010, 15:48:30 »

when i update to the newest version of 5.2.3

the function: (No "download link not found" message in links ) will be failed

even i enable it many times, every time i restart the fileupload 5, the function will become non-enable


and there is another thing , i am not sure i should call it bug or not

as we know we can set "Hosting View" to show which server we want to see after add files, this is good idea

but after update to new version, it will set to default , that means all server will be click enable in the show list

and i have to unclick most i don't want seen server, maybe you can add a function like " uncheck all "

so user can click which server they want to be seen

i hope you know what i am saying, sry my english isn't so good