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Posted by: z_o_o_m
« on: 13-06-2010, 21:39:59 »

provide me any link with file name and I will find out ;)
Posted by: dadarkda
« on: 13-06-2010, 20:46:34 »

To clarify, when I talk about the MU link with description of the file, there's a link that MU generates with the file name in it.  Eg. if you upload something to the front page of MU, then click the link to the uploaded file, you get that screen with the big orange Download File button.  If you mouse over the Download File button, you'll see that that link has the file name in it. 

This is not an important feature for me if your program can keep the MU parts in alphabetical order in the log file (eg.  Part 1 of a release is the MU link at the top, Part 2 is the MU link directly underneath that, etc).  I just don't want to post MU links to a forum and have them out of order (eg. Part 1 is the second link listed, etc).

After disabling "Log Links Only" in your software, it does the || and lists the filename uploaded, and that will work fine.

Posted by: z_o_o_m
« on: 13-06-2010, 10:36:11 »

you can upload up to 10GB daily in the freeware version, 50GB in registered version, otherwise individual agreement is required (mail me).
the log file with links is stored usually in the same folder (.log) and is updated everytime you add complete any upload.
Megaupload does not provide link with full name.
Posted by: dadarkda
« on: 13-06-2010, 08:18:50 »

Hey z-o-o-m!

A few questions.  Are you still wanting people to pay you more depending on how much they upload with your program?  If so, I'd like to know how you price this out, because I want to use your program for like around 5TB or so of uploads a month.

Another question you may have answered (but I cannot find the answer to this anywhere): Can your program create a constantly updated log file?  I see where to Open Log File, but can't find it on my hard drive.  For what I'm doing I'd need the log file to exist on the hard drive and be updated whenever a new link is completed.

My LAST question: I'm unclear how to get your program to report the full file name in the log in the case of Megaupload.  I got it to do it once, but now I can't get it to do it anymore.  I get the link, but not the filename separated with the || anymore.

Thank you z-o-o-m,