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Posted by: z_o_o_m
« on: 15-04-2021, 20:43:07 »

Then have a nice day.
Posted by: Johnny5isalive
« on: 14-04-2021, 18:35:39 »

I will not send an email.
Posted by: z_o_o_m
« on: 14-04-2021, 18:13:09 »

Please, send me an email and I will try to help.
Posted by: Johnny5isalive
« on: 14-04-2021, 01:03:57 »

I will never give a stranger access to my PC ever!

So you will need to provide me a version that has logging then and upload it to a file host do I can download it and test it and then give you the log file. You need to make sure it creates the log file as soon as I click to open it though!
Posted by: z_o_o_m
« on: 13-04-2021, 17:13:40 »

No idea. There is no reason why it should not work. My program works on any Windows. I also have Win10 64bit.
My program does not have any dependencies (it does not need .Net etc.).
That's why it does not need any installer. You just download it and run it, it is fully portable single file.

Again, I need some specific information - either TeamViewer (you see what I do) or a special version with logging to see where it gets stucked.
Posted by: Johnny5isalive
« on: 11-04-2021, 15:54:42 »

I can not understand why others who also have windows 10 are able to run the program just fine but I can not run it. It makes totally no sense!

Is it maybe to do with because I am 64bit and not 32bit?

I also even installed all the latest .net frameworks and all the visual studios too and still your program does not work.

To be honest I would prefer if you could just create a version that has an installer. That way it will at least install it then for me? Maybe then it will work if you made a version have an installer?
Posted by: z_o_o_m
« on: 11-04-2021, 12:31:18 »

No idea. Mail me. I may try to build a version with logging.
Posted by: Johnny5isalive
« on: 11-04-2021, 11:21:15 »

The file is not corrupt. I have downloaded it hundreds of times.

I will just not be able to use your program which is such a shame because it would have been very useful for me :(
Posted by: z_o_o_m
« on: 10-04-2021, 20:25:31 »

My program is just a single exe. Nothing else.
To make sure, upload it anywhere. I will check, maybe it is corrupted.
Posted by: Johnny5isalive
« on: 10-04-2021, 15:15:54 »

Do you have a version that has an install? Or maybe you could extract all files from the fileuploader.exe and give me a download link to that zip file?
Posted by: z_o_o_m
« on: 10-04-2021, 12:21:46 »

Like I said in previous post, I can't find out. I am not a wizard. This is not a typical behavior.
Posted by: Johnny5isalive
« on: 10-04-2021, 11:00:03 »

Like I said in previous post. I will not give a random stranger any access to my PC!

Can you please come up with any suggestions on what else I can do to try and make the program work please?
Posted by: z_o_o_m
« on: 10-04-2021, 09:25:38 »

Probably just a temporary issue.

I can't find out from the picture why it does not work.
I can just have a look via TeamViewer.
Posted by: Johnny5isalive
« on: 10-04-2021, 00:56:09 »

I find that strange, I see the image I posted just fine in the above post in the post itself the image displays!

Also putting the fileuploader.exe into a folder made absolutely no difference! The desktop is a folder anyway. Every part of a PC apart from if you just put it directly in your C: drive directly c://FileUploader.exe as an example.......
Posted by: z_o_o_m
« on: 09-04-2021, 17:58:44 »

Send the picture again or mail it to me. I don't see it here, the image hoster does not show it.

Try to put my program into a new folder, do not put it directly on the desktop.
My program does not have any installer. You just download it and run it. That's it.