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Title: [OK] Superb application
Post by: smallhagrid on 04-04-2021, 00:55:11
Huge Kudos to the Dev !!
It is truly wonderful enough to merit making donations in this user's opinion.

A small thing noticed in using it=>
There seems to be no way to tell which upload sites are "members only" - that will only allow uploads with login creds.
All the entries there look the same - not different colours or whatever to denote that difference.

So, my question, please=>
In the donated/registered version is there some way to make it display this difference - or maybe to display only the open ones that do not make that restriction ??

Thanks for any helpful replies !!
Title: Re: Superb application !!
Post by: z_o_o_m on 04-04-2021, 09:10:40
There is file hosting overview where you can see if my program supports account for the site.
It is difficult to say if the site requires it and does not allow uploading without account. This can be changed anytime.
So no, my program does not have this information and I do not plan to update it as this would take a lot of time.

Users mostly know if they need to login or no.