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Bug reporting / DDownload
« Last post by Unkn0wn on Today at 08:06:25 »

gestern war DDownload nicht erreichbar und seither gibt es das Problem, dass DDownload nicht mehr den langen Namen ausgibt.

Also z.B.

Jetzt wird nur noch

ausgegeben, obowhl explizit gesagt wird, dass ich den langen Namen haben möchte.

General Discussion / Run at upload end
« Last post by juntay on Today at 04:53:18 »

Run at upload end, I want to move the file using a command on events. What variable do I need to fill in for filename?

move ?? c:/uploaded

Admin, Need help - How did you manage to implement Apiary XFileSharing Pro api.

Here the link...
Requests / Create a dedicated section for shorteners
« Last post by lightduty on 22-05-2024, 03:21:30 »
I see here on Requests that some users are requesting shorteners to be add to the ZOOM.
Is this request available? If not i have source...

Requests / Re: REQ
« Last post by lightduty on 22-05-2024, 02:54:24 »
Admin, here a script to post on

Code: [Select]
javascript:(function(){var keyword=prompt("Type your Paste!","");var form=document.createElement('form');form.setAttribute('action','');form.setAttribute('method','POST');var input1=document.createElement('input');input1.setAttribute('type','hidden');input1.setAttribute('name','api_dev_key');input1.setAttribute('value','cc8ce2c336b42ed2ff67b6716faaacb1');form.appendChild(input1);var input2=document.createElement('input');input2.setAttribute('type','hidden');input2.setAttribute('name','api_option');input2.setAttribute('value','paste');form.appendChild(input2);var input3=document.createElement('input');input3.setAttribute('type','hidden');input3.setAttribute('name','api_paste_code');input3.setAttribute('value',keyword);form.appendChild(input3);var input4=document.createElement('input');input4.setAttribute('type','hidden');input4.setAttribute('name','api_paste_private');input4.setAttribute('value','0');form.appendChild(input4);var input5=document.createElement('input');input5.setAttribute('type','hidden');input5.setAttribute('name','api_paste_name');input5.setAttribute('value',keyword);form.appendChild(input5);var input6=document.createElement('input');input6.setAttribute('type','hidden');input6.setAttribute('name','api_paste_expire_date');input6.setAttribute('value','10M');form.appendChild(input6);document.body.appendChild(form);setTimeout(function(){form.submit();},1000);})();

Using my api key.
Requests / Re: shortener REQ
« Last post by lightduty on 22-05-2024, 02:52:50 »

No api available.
Requests / Re: Telegram API for upload to own private channel REQ
« Last post by lightduty on 22-05-2024, 02:43:45 »
Super easy. The only limitation is you need to create a bot and add the bot as administrator. It will be possible to post on telegram channels using iframe or xmlhttprequest. Pm me for solution.
Requests / May be a new feature for ZOOM Uploader -
« Last post by lightduty on 22-05-2024, 02:29:51 »
Hacxx JS Bookmarklet

Code: [Select]
javascript:var xhr = new XMLHttpRequest();'GET', '', true); xhr.send();(function(){var e=document.createElement("input");e.type="file",e.onchange=function(){var t=new FormData;t.append("files[]",this.files[0]);var n=new XMLHttpRequest;"POST","",!0),n.setRequestHeader("x-api-key","zR1FaT8TyMXQXgfuV7zEzCEOleyIE2I1eL9a4ebkYWi1Qz2S8gMl1kWy3wgfBUla"),n.onload=function(){if(200===n.status){console.log("File uploaded successfully!");var e=JSON.parse(n.responseText);alert("Uploaded file link: " + e.url)}else alert("An error occurred while uploading the file.")},n.onerror=function(){alert("An error occurred while uploading the file.")},n.send(t)},})();

Using my api key - zR1FaT8TyMXQXgfuV7zEzCEOleyIE2I1eL9a4ebkYWi1Qz2S8gMl1kWy3wgfBUla

May contain an issue while making the request.
xhr may not resolve the address, after an address hit the script works just fine.
Requests / Re: BitChute REQ
« Last post by lightduty on 22-05-2024, 02:21:06 »
I checked it again and it may be possible in future

I think yes it's possible. Don't know if BitChute has api nevertheless should be easy to upload using html.
Requests / Re: I want to add this site REQ
« Last post by lightduty on 22-05-2024, 02:16:45 » - The site doesn't open properly. - Will test. - Working great on my end.
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