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« Last post by Loadser on 01-08-2022, 19:53:52 »
no worries please . I catch the issue . it was from abyss they banned most win server IPs . I tried it from my personal computer and it worked fine
Requests / Re:
« Last post by Loadser on 01-08-2022, 19:44:32 »
thanks bro for the info . Just could you check the plugin for it please ? it seems not working

 I added my account ( I am registered use at zoom ) but it never goes to green even the account info is correct and at ( use account ) its written ( yes )

But when upload and choose the host the square is white not green and then upload failed

Here issue report
2022-08-01 10:38:29 Application start
2022-08-01 10:39:22 UP: GetUrl (HTTPProtocolException:HTTP/1.1 503 Service Temporarily Unavailable)
General Discussion / Slow speed uploads to RapidGator
« Last post by lecv140291 on 28-07-2022, 04:35:13 »
Hello, good everyone.

I have a doubt, I am making several uploads to the RapidGator server, however I have seen that the transmission speed is low, like 100 KB/s and sometimes up to 300 KB/s. I have a 5 MB/s upload connection and despite that it is still the same. I also tried MultiUpload and it does the same thing. What really happens? Thanks and regards.
General Discussion / Re: test filecrypt OK
« Last post by dariotoby on 27-07-2022, 23:20:30 »
Yes, I did the test in fact, both Protect Each Link or Protect Groups and inserted a name in folder name.
But then going to my filecrypt account via the web I don't find the folder created.
How you do it?
General Discussion / Re: test filecrypt
« Last post by z_o_o_m on 27-07-2022, 21:11:14 »
You can add your account in settings.

My program can automatically create short links for each file separately.
There is Link protector (Tools menu) where you can insert links and manually create a folder with links.
Bug reporting / Re: Dead Image Hostings
« Last post by z_o_o_m on 27-07-2022, 21:03:10 »
Thanks for checking.
General Discussion / test filecrypt OK
« Last post by dariotoby on 27-07-2022, 18:43:04 »
Hi sorry but I'm new both of filecrypt and this program, I am doing tests on how to optimize.
I tried this program with FileCrypt and I saw that he creates the links but then these links if I enter my filecrypt account I don't see them in managers.
Then I don't know if it is possible but I would like to upload one file out of 3 hosts and create a folder for each file and the links must not be all three visible but first one, then the second as a reserve link and the third as a reserve link of the second
Thanks for your help
General Discussion / Re: Copy link details OK
« Last post by GaGafunia on 25-07-2022, 07:39:32 »
Thank you solved.
Bug reporting / Dead Image Hostings OK
« Last post by kuzn137 on 21-07-2022, 16:08:19 »
Domain no longer exists, site is no longer working, or redirect to different site. Please, check:
Requests / Re: Streamtape link format
« Last post by z_o_o_m on 17-07-2022, 21:44:23 »
I will update this
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