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Title: [X] Split File not working
Post by: pedro on 15-10-2020, 02:51:07
Hi, i want to try Split file but not working, i checked option "Split files bigger than xxx MB", then new window open, but nothing happen when i press Split.

sorry if i misunderstand it, but is split file mean for exemple file with size 4 GB, and i choose everypart must be 1 GB mean its 1GBx4, it will automaticly split it for 4 Part right no need to use winrar software? for exemple if i have movie or iso file 5 GB, and in "Split files bigger than 2000 MB", after pressing %u2714%uFE0F, new window open

as you see when i press split or %u2714%uFE0F, nothing happen. you can try it in ur side, it will not work, like pressing empty boutton.

btw any chance for adding "" famous free filesharing with great speed.
Title: Re: Split File not working
Post by: z_o_o_m on 15-10-2020, 15:37:55
this feature is very old and I do not develop it. I think you have to setup your WinRAR location in settings. It is better to do it manually or create a custom script

There is on-the-fly split feature in my program. That works great. It just cuts file into pieces (it does not create the file son your disc).
When you download the parts, you have to join them with HJSplit or TotalCommander

I add new sites for some contribution. If you can donate for it, mail me and I will add it in the next update.