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This is a great program--everyone to whom I have recommended it has thanked me for the tip.  I have two questions regarding uploading to Rapidshare.

First, frequently the connection to RS is lost and the upload file is marked as "Fail."  Is there some way to resume the upload?  I have tried the "Finish Uploading" function but it doesn't seem to work.  

Second, are there any tricks to increase upload speeds to RS.  Currently, I manage to get about 200kps at best.

Many thanks for your attention and your wonderful program.

please, send me Error LOG (in menu), I don't know why it fails. (you can do it in help in my app)
resuming upload is not available :)
"finish uploading" means, that all uploads in progress will continue to finish and then uploading stops (no other files will start).
upload speed depends on connection, my program uploads at max. If you think it is slow, try to upload more files at once.


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