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Hosters available for remote upload


I'm not talking about hosters which have the remote upload option, but what hosters can you use for remote upload to others.
For example, you upload to a server A, and with the link given you can remote upload the file to other servers B and C. I'm looking for that server A. I found some servers working and some other not working, maybe someone knows more.

MediaFire.com    100MB
Shareyourfiles.net      365MB - direct link
uploadffs.com      100 MB - direct link

Not working:
Ifile.it ->Not working anymore

I don't mean the link (taking megaupload for example) http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XXXXXXXX but http://www401.megaupload.com:1723/files/788781cf4ee74a9e50ca40b530a5c992/file.ext. If the first link works in any hoster it would be awesome.

yes, I plan to add more servers to remote upload ... but I can't help you with "what files can be uploaded and from which servers" ... not many host support remote upload from any other host ... only direct link ;)


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