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Dear users,
as you may have already noticed, my homesite design changed.

Now it is time to change/improve my logo.

As I am not good at painting, I ask you if you can help me.
The author of the logo I choose as best will win 1 account or a registration key for FUp.

If there will be many good drawings, I may decide to give more accounts :)

The logo should fit to my homepage with its design. It doesn't have to be completely new.
If you finish it, just post it here.


dude!! wat kind of desgin u need...iam here to help u...i know some logo creation...say me the size..please

just have a look on my homesite :)
something professional, probably without background


this is just my first desgin will desgin more.....

it seems you are good ;)

my notes:
- the arrow is not that good idea, I don't want it for men only :D
- "F" and "I" looks different, the style should be united


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