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Not working hosts &&& Bugs


1. change number of upload's isn't possible i try change it to custom number more than 8 (i'm register user that why it's weird ?!)

2. is possible that u will add feature to select all hosts ?!

3. update to 2.4.5 didn't happen! it's say's i have latest version even that is .4 version
So i have 2 update it menuely

4. this host's not work


tnks anyway

nothing is bug-less :)

1) what happens when you change it to more than 8? why it is not possible?
2) select all host ...
- this function is already in my program (when you select host, just press ">>" on the right side, then right click and "select all")
- DO NOT DO IT, spamming hosts is really weak :)
3) automatic update depends the same on windows libraries ... read next point :)
4) those hosts work... I don't see Error LOG, so I don't know what is the problem, I don't know antivirus, firewall, system ...
my app depends on IE, for example NOD3 and 4 makes some mess and then uploading doesn't work properly ...


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