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Post link to a php file


So i'm trying after each upload to send the link to a php that waits for it.
Manually the php works, it gets the link i add. Ex: https:// ... /ping.php?status=file_uploaded&link=https://..../v/asdsadas
When i test this link in events with test button, it works, however the problem is, since there are no examples whatsoever here, that idk how to send the finished video link in the uploader...
Idk if i'm clear enough ill leave a screenshot here. I'm registred btw.
So idk how to actually add that %l at the end of the link. I tried different combinations, nothing seems to work.

Thanks in advance.

What site do you use?

What do you mean what site? I have my own domain that hosts the php if that you are asking for. The site i'm trying to parse the %l link is streamtape but that should be valid for all the video hosters that gives you the link after successful upload. The php works manually adding the link, but if i try using the %l variable idk how to actual use the %l. Is this example correct?
Because if this is correct, it's either doesn't actually replaces %l with the actual link OR it doesn't actually do anything this event, even if it's active and doesn't work whatsoever.

Variables have to be in the "parameters" section (as POST).


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