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Added hosting again to the FileCrypt folder already present


Sorry I wanted to know if someone can help me I would have a need. I explain to you what it is.
I have many files and through zoom I made the upload on 7 hosting and then used as a container of the dowload filecrypt.cc links always using the program.
Each folder created by FileCrypt I gave the file name so each file a filecrypt folder.
If I wanted to add another hosting to all my files instead of going one by one on my filecrypt.cc account and to each folder add the link of the new hosting.
Is there a way for automatic failure?
I have in files in my PC to be able to upload the same files through zoom in the new hosting and the link go directly to the same folder with the same name?
At the same time, however, do you need a way of being able to automatically give the file name as a filecrypt folder name?
Thanks for any suggestions and advice.

It is difficult to understand ... but I think I can't help. My program can't update filecrypt containers.


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