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streamhide always asking for login every file upload

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streamhide always asking for login every file upload

I have to click every time the "Open in internal browser *"
to start the upload

how do i fix this? Thanks!

Have you seen this big picture? I usually can't find out without bug report.
I will check it. There is probably some problem with your account setting. Try to reinsert it in settings.

So I tested it and it works fine for me. But I don't have the captcha there. I need bug report.

I report the bug
I also tried resetting the internet explorer settings so i can prompt to manually login, still proceed as the same.

also I tried to input a different login creds but it works as first acct
username: testtt01 (working, my account)
then i tried username: a random username (just smash my keyboard)
then ask to manually login, proceed to login to testtt01

another test i did is to change my pass
even though i change my password, once i click the internal  browser it proceed not asking its a wrong password.


Working now, i just have to delete Autocomplete in internet option.. ughhh


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