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I've sent you and email 7 days ago about this request but i'm not sure if it got lost or something. so i'm posting here to make sure.

I'd like to ask for addition of "https://web3.storage" host.
Documentation : https://web3.storage/docs/

Output link should be like this : "/ipfs/file_CID/file_name"
filename should be in HTML URL Encoding format (Aoashi - 01 VOSTFR       ->     Aoashi%20-%2001%20VOSTFR)

Exemple of output:

If possible to add an option in settings to "add IPFS Gateway"
User will then write a domain name to use as gateway (for exemple : https://ipfs.io)

If so, the output link will be : https://ipfs.io/ipfs/bafybeiaieskmytwesufpgwxdy2z3l7szcw7hrqspd5hzgpb4anbqpec5p4/Aoashi%20-%2001%20VOSTFR.mp4

Looking forward for your answer
Thank you

This request is not needed anymore
the service is not free to use anymore


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