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Hi admin

please add function to uploader multi upload at same time
i mean when i start upload file to any host it upload it one time i want uploader to upload this file more than one time ex 2 or 3 etc


check menu Tools - Parallel upload count

this is not what i talk about, Parallel upload count is for numbers of links uploding at same time i know this

i talk about whn i add file to uploader to upoad for rapidgator for example it start upload once time i need option to make uploader upload to this host when i add file more than one time if i want for example upload same file to same host 2 or more times with one click

I see, you want add the same file to queue multiple times.
I don't see a reason to upload the same file twice but I may consider it in future.

i need it for my work, need same file on same server with different links

thank you very much :)


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