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Folder structure in chomikuj.pl is very simple and looks like this.

Is it possible to upload files to a specific folder?
For instance I'd like to upload a file to the folder "4 seria" which is in the folder "Dokumenty"

I found this in the program settings but it dosn't seem to work.

Sorry, my program does not support folders on this site. If you want to donate for that, I may check if it is possible to add it.

Well, please check If it's possible and I'll consider donation.
I don't want to donate for sth that may not be possible to implement.

Ok, I incorrectly used "may". Mail me and I will add it for sure.


Were you able to add the functionality of adding files to specific folders? That problem my predecessor wrote about?

P.S. I'm a premium user since 2018, but I haven't used the program much.

Now I tested and failed to add files to the folder. They upload to the main chomikuj.pl directory


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