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Problems to upload fast in Uptobox.com and clicknupload.co


Hello, I have the application registered for a while and it was perfect. For a few days the servers Uptobox.com and Clicknupload.com have not upload more than 500kb / s each file. I have 600MB upload so it usually uploads to about 70MB / s and now it does not exceed 8MB / s even if I put a lot of files. With the rest of the servers that I use they work perfectly. I have deleted the application and reinstalled it, even deleting remnants in Windows 10 Registry Editor to no avail, it still malfunctions.
What I can do? Thanks

I think I can't do anything about that. My program uploads as fast as possible.
If it is a problem of those 2 servers only, then it is a problem of those servers.
Have you tried to compare it with uploading from browser on that computer?

You can finish any upload and report it

I already reported the error on the server from the program. On the web it goes up at a good speed, in the program only those two servers fail. It happened to me a long time ago and when I made the donation and registered the program, it was solved, but now it happens to me again and it is registered.

My program uploads as fast as possible. This is something local between your computer and the server. I can't help more.


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