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Does MediafireĀ“s API support more than 500 mb files


I just hired a new 1 Gbps internet service, and I realized that File Upload allows me to upload at my fastest speed  to Mediafire, ( I get upload speeds of 95-103 MB/s) if I use the API account option. However, it looks like this method only allows files up to 500 MB.

Is this a limit set by the server or by the program?

It should be the same. All options use the same method when you upload large files. It should be able to upload more than 500MB

I tried uploading a 1,5 GB file, and this was the result.  :-\

--- Quote ---2021-06-08 02:50:32 Application start
2021-06-08 02:51:50 UP: Send(1) (SocketError:Socket Error # 10053/Software caused connection abort.) (mediafire.com[APi])

--- End quote ---

You should report it directly from my program. You should be able to resume the upload.


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