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No file showing in account


So the last couple of days when I upload a file it shows as complete and gives me a link that works. The problem is it's not uploading to my account(s). If I login to my file hosts the file isn't on list, which means it uploading without a account for some reason.

I've double check account details and everything is Active (yes) and also made sure "use account" box is ticked and still get same problem. There is no error in logs or nothing like that.

Yes, you need to add your account in settings, it has to be green and active, and you have to use appropriate license (eg. registered version is required for some sites).
If you think it is a bug, report it directly from my program.

Accounts are added and active. Software is registered, still getting same problem.

As mentioned earlier, you don't have appropriate license.

Remove file uploader from PC, including folders in appdata and reinstall fresh and re-enter registered my account and it works okay now.


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