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Error adding account for "File hosters"

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Every time I click add/edit, a pop up will appear which asks me to open this page in a browser and log on. Immediately after I click "open in an internal browser" the window will disappear so won't even let me log in or do the captcha..

This happens when the site uses some protection (Clouflare, captcha).
You should try to clear Internet Explorer cache. That may help

I am using google chrome, which cache do I clear? I don't want to clear the cache for every site..

Update: Problem is fixed, cleared for that site only. You can delete or close this.

Hello, cant solve recaptcha.
Have tried as fresh install windows with chrome/firefox as standard browser, cant not resolve example vidlox.me or nitroflare.com
Pics can not resolve, hear symbole "too many network requets".

In browser all captchas works, but not in zoom inlay popup. Any resolve?


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