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Steps to create your own YouTube API key to be able to upload videos

Create a new project

Allow YouTube API

Create API key

Get your key

Then insert your key and secret into my program. Use "" and it will ask for your details.

Higher limits
Now you should apply for higher quota to be able to upload more videos daily

--- Code: ---
--- End code ---

Not much of this makes any sense. These informations are invalid or outdated, though their recent date of creation.
The actual google sites differ heavily from your screenshots, e.g. Google only gave me the API-Key with no Client ID and Secret.
And when trying to register for OAuth it appears to be leading to a form where Developers are supposed to register their App using the API.

Is there no other way to use File Uploader for YouTube?

//Edit: I somehow made it through the whole process by going back and forth over and over. (The screenshots above still were not much like what was presented to me though...)
I was able to successfully add YouTube, but the accomplished upload speeds are devastating compared to what I was used to have with File Uploader.  ~450 KByte/s instead of up to 7 MByte/s.

All the information is up-to-date. Maybe some steps missing, anyway you should see all the sites exactly the same.
I can't influence upload speed to YouTube. The mechanism is the same. There was no change.
I can't provide direct uploading to YouTube because of their limitations. I used my key all the time but there are too many users who used it up.

Seem like the step not complete.

Where to get client ID and secret?

See the "Get your key" picture

There are some tutorials on Youtube. Just search "How to create Youtube API key"


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