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Folder Monitoring

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Folder monitoring function can watch specified folder(s) and upload new files automatically.


* Select a directory you want to watch
* Setup additional settings.
Select a profile where program should upload new files. (Check this link for details about selection profiles)
Use global delay option to make program wait in case that new files in the folder are not accessible immediately.
* You can use an extensions filter. Leave it empty to allow all exstensions. Choose include to allow only selected or
exclude to forbit some. Always use a format like ".jpg". Multiple extensions should be separated by semicolon - ".jpg;.png"
* Press Add button to create a new folder monitoring task
* You can always enable or disable particular monitoring via right click.
Double click selected line to create new task with similar settings.

when i set delay for 0 seconds it wait 5 seconds and upload
when i set delay for 1 seconds it wait 1 second and upload normally
what is the wrong?

Why do you set it to 0, when 1 second is better?
The file may not be accessible right after you move it. That's why there is some delay.

hi, would a video tutorial be possible?  :'( I follow all the settings but the upload does not start automatically

This feature is paid. Not available in the registered version.


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