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Some users underestimate protection of their accounts and passwords.

Using any shared computer or connection (RDP, VPN, VPS, proxy, etc.) is always a security risk.

This is related to all programs which store any sensitive data (browsers, downloaders, file host managers ...)!

My program protects your settings including accounts but its default protection is limited.
Therefore there was program password protection in Settings - Misc - 2.

Update to version 6.9.9 is recommended. You will find a new item "Security" in Settings.
You can set encryption password. Program will encrypt all your accounts in the settings file with
a very strong encryption mechanism. This will protect your settings file from being stolen.
Note that this can't protect your data if anyone spies on your connection - use SSL secured sites (HTTPS).

Always protect your settings file (it has the ".nast" extension), do not upload it to public, do not share it,
do not leave it on any computer which you have abandoned.

ok, ok, but what is the old password??

edit. ok, old pass in blank


Yes, leave it blank if there is no previous password ;)

update to 6.9.9, and change new password
and all my filehosting login are gone!
profile & filehosting few are fine just all filehost login i store shows nothing :/

also if we got password already *before updating to 6.9.9, changing password not working i just relized that
need to remove FileUploader.nast and start setting from begining :/

If there is any problem during encryption/decryption, it will just not save any account for obvious reason.

I see. I tried to make it work with the previous "master password" option but that's the problem it seems.
User has to change the password to make the encryption work otherwise accounts get deleted.


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