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Problem of the File's name.


I don't know how to describe, but something like that:

If uploaded files via Uploader
Names of files can be like these:

But if via browser, all corrected.

I don't know if I described clearly.
Plz check ^^
This happens only when I uploaded files with Chinese or Japanese names.

sounds like a unicode error.. just from the looks of it.

yes, it is :) My program doesn't recognize uploading files with Unicode name :)
it is quite difficult to implement all different languages, then change letters to unicode ... some servers don't support it, so I would have to control this as well ...

the only solution for now is using only A-Z,a-z,0-9 ;) (repack it in winrar)

BTW. I never expected that this program will be so widely used, so I didn't think of this  O0

It is being used all over the world~!
You rock  >:D

BTW, really hope you can fix this little problem lol~


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