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In my honest opinion forum templates would be one of the most useful things you could add.

If you could set the html/bbcode of the template in the settings menu and then when have a "Copy to clipboard" option to copy forum/blog template. If you could detect file size and video length that would be awesome aswell.

The template could be whitout images and you insert them in manually or if you could make a system to tell it which image goes to which template, that would be awesome.

can you explain me what would it that be for?

EDIT: I understand now ...
you can make a template in settings, my program can't detect video length

You mean the format for copying links to clipboard? Yeah, I meant kinda like that, just more advanced. I was thinking it would do simmilar to this http://i.imgur.com/5LJGD0T.jpg where it gives you the whole post not only the link at the bottom

that is not planned right now :)

Okay, would be awesome though :P


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