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Feature: Groups/filters support


Hello there,

not sure whether this got suggested yet, feels like it should have been. Though i went through todo list and ten pages of suggestions and did not find it.

What i have problem with so far is im getting lost in them uploads and am in the dire need of some sort of customizable labels.

Originaly hidden, those labels would have enabling option in them settings, a field when adding files, or would pop up when assinging label through right-click option. If selected, would get automatically assigned by the targeted filehoster or monitored folder.

It would be just a tiny bar with those adorable folder flips you know from windows, and simply clicking them would filter everything just for them selected files. And im talking everything - file list AND file history and shit. And whats more, right clicking the tab would let you apply regional settings, split upload count, whatever.

Whos with me?

Im already planning on paypal subscribing here, but just for this, i will throw in 10 bucks extra, and might even start a pot. Here! I did it!

I am not sure if I understand correctly ... but it seems it would be difficult to make such customization.
I can't promise you that I will do it :(


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