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Account configurations (Login + Password) for each profiles and filehosts


Can you add the possibility to configure the logins and passwords of filehosts for each profiles in "Profile" or simply in "File Hosters"

Like on this image :

It's very important, i would like to add my accounts only for the sales and my accounts only for Downloads.

Examples :

I have created 2 accounts on Megaload.it, one account for the downloads "Pay Per Download", and an other account for the sales "Pay Per Sales".

On Megaload.it, the space stockage is only "500 GB", it's usefull instead to change everytime the login and password.

Names of profiles :

1st account : (For the Pay Per Downloads)


2nd account : (For the Pay Per Sale)


I use my 2nd account of Megaload "Pay Per Sale" for the big files (5 GB or more), ,and it's very usefull for don't use the totality of the space stockage, and also if i want to get paid by downloads and by sales.

I am not obligated to change everytime my login and password for upload on the first or second account of Megaload.

And also, i use a lot of filehosts, and i would like to create several profiles with not the same filehosts.

By example, on Mediafire and other filehosts, i can't send files bigger than 200 MB, the filehosts are slow or very fast for upload.

It's very handy, fast and usefull.

A lot of filehosts are limited or unlimited space stockage. A lot of filehosts are only with PPS programm (Pay Per Sale) or PPD programm (Pay Per Downloads) and there is filehosts with the 2 programms (Pay Per Sale and Pay Per Download).

If a filehost have the 2 programms, i create 2 accounts (one account for Pay Per Download, and an other account for Pay Per Sale).

My account with Pay Per Sale programm will be in the profile "Sales", and my other account with Pay Per Download Programm will be in the profile "Downloads"

Examples of filehosts selected for each profiles :

For the profile "Downloads", i use these filehosts :

Uload, MegaLoad, TurboBit, Rapidgator, Letitbit

For the profile "Sales", i use these filehosts :

Megaload, Turbobit, Ryushare, Netload, Uploaded, Rapidgator, Turbobit

And by example, if a few filehosts are very slow for upload (Uploaded, Mediafire, Bayfiles...), , i don't send big files on these filehosts, instead to select or unselect each time the checkbox if i want to send big files.

The filehosts will be seperated by profiles that i have created.

1 profile for big files, 1 profile for all small files (All filehosts), 1 profile for PPD programm, 1 profile for PPS programm...

Vey important if i upload big files (+ 1 GB or if i upload a lot of files in same time)

If i upload big files, i select the profiles "Sales", if i upload a lot of files (normal filesize) for PPD programm by example, i select the profiles "Downloads", if i want to send my files quickly, i select the profile "Quick filehosts".

It will be possible to select the profile in only 3 seconds before uploading. If i want to change my profile, it's very easy and fast.

By example, i upload a lot of big files (12 files of 900 MB) , i select the profile "Pay Per Sale", and after i want to send a single file (Normal filesize), i select the profile "Pay Per Download"

It's very very easy and fast for change the profile.

Instead to select and unselect each time the profile, i change only the profile, and i can use several account for the same filehost (very usefull if the space stockage are limited or if the filehost use 2 programms (Pay Per Download, Pay Per Sale).

Examples on these images :

For select the profile before uploading :

For configure logins and passwords of each filehosts for each profiles.

(By example, i configure my account of Turbobit in the profile "Downloads", and i configure my other account of Turbobit in my other profile "Sales"

Examples of login for each profile for Turbobit :

For the profile "Downloads"

Login :


Password :


For the profile "Sales"

Login :


Password :


It will be possible to configure several accounts for the same filehosts in different profiles. Very usefull for peoples who use the PPD and the PPS like me.
And also if the space stockage are limited, i can select the profile "Downloads", if i send little files or normal files. And if i send big files or lot of normal files (500 MB), i select the other profile.

In only 3 seconds, i can change my profiles !

And also i propose to add an option "Select All", and "Unselect", for don't uncheck the box for each filehosts, it's not handy if i have a lot of filehosts in the list.

Add a search bar, it's more fast for select the filehosts, because you have a lot of filehosts in the list of filehosts, and it's more easy for us to find and select filehosts.

Like these images :

1) no, profile for different accounts is not planned, you can use more running program instances with different settings
2) select/unselect all - it is there - just right click the list

Why you don't want to add the profiles ?

It's more handy to add profiles in the same programm, instead to reopen the software several times.

And it's not easy to know which programm are for the Downloads, and which are for the Sales.

I select simply the profile, it's more handy and fast, and i have a better organisation, i can make mistakes if you open several times File&Image Uploader.

well, this kind of profiles are really not planned ...

maybe there will be an option to choose account for each file,
so you can select different account for any upload

but I am not sure when I can add it, not enough time

Ok, i understand. I can wait.

It is possible to add these 2 streaming sites in the next update : (these sites are popular)


And this imagehost : (the most used)

imgur.com   Alexa rank (98th in the world !)

I wait these sites since long time (several month)

Purevid.com has been requested since the 9 march 2012.

And i have requested MixtureCloud.com since the 20 may 2012.


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