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New important Features to add


Hi there

It's been a while now since I use your program and I find it's the best of it's kind! ★★★★★ Program :)

However, I find there is 1 Feature missing since release!

Why there is such a huge Hosterlist-Menupoint, when you can't do something with it, but just look at it and it's features ?


Instead of only 1 rightclick menupoint [Open in IE] (should be [Open in Browser] anyway) there should be much more Functions!


And the most Important Menupoint should be like [Upload File(s) using this hoster] so
Also [Set this Hoster as Default] would be great!

So everyone could easy use the hoster he wants from the big list, instead of going in the menu and configuring just 1 host that one would like to use.

I want to use sometimes this hoster and sometimes the others and it would be just much more easily and comfortable to do an upload from the list instead of going into the settings.

Also I must say, the Settings are pretty messed up and not as easy to configure as it should be - maybe rethink that - U may will have an Idee, but Users can make Suggestions how to change that too.
You can make something like a contest for new ideas for the GUI (Graphical User Interface) in the Settings Menu!
But the GUI itself is allready pretty good to use and has a good overview!

Also there could be a better "Pre-Upload-Menu" where to configure the File would be great, instead of just showing up like this:

There should be also more Options to choose from, like what hoster to upload it to and what is the actual default hoster it would upload to.

Ok, please consider to add the mentioned features in the next release - I would love it and I think others would love it too!

Thanks alot anyway for your work and your program! ★★★★★


Nothing happened on this, even no awnser at all...

It is now better to choose a hoster when adding a new file / the preupload menu is much better, but the Hosterlist is still allmost useless in the use, except for the main function, to see and to get an overview what hosters are supported and to check them with a browser.

The functions and everything are stateoftheart, but I find the GUI could be a little bit sexier and more useful, especially the menus or submenus and optionsmenu.

I know everything works well allready, but also if every new user sees the hosterlist and can only watch the functions and view a host with the internet browser, thats okay to have an overview, but it just should have more functions, like to use this particular hoster to upload a file.

so for example you could change (open in internet explorer) to (open in internet browser), because many people use firefox/opera/chrome etc. and not internetexplorer.

But more important would be features like (upload a file using this host) or for your support something (get a premium account with this host)

whatever... you allready build a great tool and everything works well, now put your view on the small details and optimizations to get the user more comfortable interface/features..

I noticed last time, that "upload same file using an different hoster" did not work...

Just my message here, do or don't do something about it.

have a nice day.

it opens in default browser, not IE exactly ;)

that windows is just hosters overview, nothing more,
you have to choose file first then choose hoster, it can't be opposite

that "pre-upload menu" is completely not necessary for you,
uncheck that option after you add files, that is only if you want to set description for each file separately


--- Quote from: z_o_o_m on 11-08-2012, 19:10:59 ---that "pre-upload menu" is completely not necessary for you,
uncheck that option after you add files, that is only if you want to set description for each file separately

--- End quote ---
I don't use it anyway, this was an old setting/screenshot.

--- Quote from: z_o_o_m on 11-08-2012, 19:10:59 ---it opens in default browser, not IE exactly ;)

--- End quote ---
Just renamed it then, to "Open in Default Browser" or better "Open this Website in Default Browser", thats what I meant.

--- Quote from: z_o_o_m on 11-08-2012, 19:10:59 ---that windows is just hosters overview, nothing more,
you have to choose file first then choose hoster, it can't be opposite

--- End quote ---
So why don't you change it, so it will be more and it will be possible to do it opposite.. ?
Is it to much work of coding ? Or to work again on the stable fundament ?
For every Problem there is a Solution!

I see no bigger problem for you to implement this kind of feature, but If you think it is unnecessary, you will not implement it. However you should just ask your users if they want it or not.
I think many would like to use it this I way I will just explain in a second:

Personally I would prefer sometimes to use this list to upload my file. But if I see some hoster where I want to upload(sometimes even a pichoster) I need to first get my file to put it in and scroll forever (you know what I mean..can push a keyboard button of course thou) to get to the hoster I want.
In many cases it would be even faster to use this list and open and upload via browser, but then I would not get a sexy overview and a place where my links are save allready.

Instead there should be the possibillity to use this list and upload to a host that I just choose via rightclick > "normal"preload menu opens with the hoster chosen (that I just choose on the hosterlist) > and I now just add a file I want.

I show you in pictures... follow closely what I write too.

Example: (#=Steps to Upload, how I mean it)

Imagine that "Open in IE" is "Choose this Hoster to Upload a File" or "Upload a file using this hoster" // "Open in IE" should be renamed anyway and then it should be the second menu point..

#1a Filehoster

#1b Video

#1c Multi

#1d Imagehoster

So now you click on "Choose this Hoster to Upload" and now the Preupload-Menu opens:

#2a File-Preupload-Menu

//dahosting.org can't be found in the list, so I use datafilehosting.com
#2b Image-Preupload-Menu

It should Open this "Preload-Menu" above and put the Hoster I just choose in, so I just choose a file and start..

//why are there only 2 Ways to choose ? File and Image? There Should be 4 Points to choose
• Files (is there to pick)
• Multi
• Video
• Images (is there pick)

And there you would have a smaller, more focussed list to scroll with and choose from:
• Files-List
• Multi-List
• Videos-List
• Images-List

next I choose a file with the green + and put it there // It should remember the last folder I choose files from (even after restart) and there should be and small x to remove a file also and not only possible to remove with with DEL

#3a File-Preupload-Menu (File added)

#3b Image-Preupload-Menu (Image added)

Hit the green Button and start uploading as usual.


Ok man, so this took me a while to explain this in pictures and write everything.
I hope you get the point now. This would be a nice comfortable way to upload a file.
I just want to help you and make the program better. I give you good Ideas.

So please now add this feature, so everyone would have an good alternative way to upload a file.  ^-^

There should be allways several ways that lead to goal (get a file uploaded)

I count on you, to implement this ideas ;)

have a nice day  8)


ps: I hope everything is clearly explained.  :P

use "Hostings view" and "Selection profiles" in settings to make it easier to choose server faster ;)


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