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If you are skilled graphic designer, you can make new banners, userbars, new pictures into the program etc.

If you want to support my program, use my banners on your site or userbars on your favorite forum.

If you want to translate program into your language:
Check if my app hasn't been translated yet (otherwise contact me via e-mail. I can send you old translation and you can update it)

<mail me to get the language file>

Now follow this instructions
1) extract, run that translate.bat, it will do all necessary job for you (to open language files)
2) press OK
3) press Close
4) new dialog window opens, select translation language ID, write your (author) name, write language name in original language (your) and in english .. and press OK
5) now you see all text to be translated
6) click on each line, down there you see a text to be translated (on the left) and a place, where you put your translation (on the right) ... in the line you can see sometimes a text in <>, that will help you to imagine where the text is in my app (if you need more help, just ask) ... some text do not translate (<DO NOT TRANSLATE>)
7) finally save it and close it and send "lng_new.lng" back to me

send it to my e-mail

Thank you very much

Hi~ should I save the translated file as ansi ?
or need to save as utf-8 ?  ::)

utf or unicode ;) what language do you know? :)

I have completed translation files. If anyone is interested and want to help to translate my program,
please, contact me via e-mail.

Thank you

I can help you with german translations.


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