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Kaspersky Internet Security blocks F&IU

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I have Kaspersky Internet Security with windows firewall off and I add File & Image Uploader to de Kasperesky firewall in the trust programas to let It pass through, but simply F&IU can´t upload any file, so I have to shootdown the Kaspersky Antivirus for the correct function of the program and upload files well.

But I don´t like the idea of let my PC without antivirus :P

I have Windows Vista SP2, IE8, Windows firewall off and Kaspersky Internet Security

I think I can't help you now ... I use microsoft libraries and they seems to be some kind of "unstable". NOD and Kaspersky firewall just block it and I really don't know why. They change or modify those libraries in some way and I can't do anything right now.

I am working hard to change to another libraries ...

Just add FUP to allowed application in Kaspersky with all 3 checked functions (Don't check opened files, etc...)

Then restart fup and kis and fup will works fine ;)

You are right thanks that solve my problem now I can upload with my antivirus activated....


When FUP will updates, you must only restart KIS and FUP will works fine again...


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