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Can´t Upload to my free account in Megaupload

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Like the tittle say, I can´t Upload to my free account in Megaupload.
I already upload 2 files, one with 95mb of size and another with less 1mb of size, the program give to my the 2 links, but when I go to my free account the files don´t appear in my file list, is like if the files was upload to another account.

I already give to the program my username and password, then I check and megaupload.com letters are in green, and when I selec my file I check use account.

What happend? ???

the most probable explanation is ... when you upload THE SAME file to megaupload (or if this file EXISTS on megaupload), it gives you just the link that already exists on megaupload.

if you think, this is my program's fault, please, send me Error LOG.

and make sure that "use account" in settings and when you add files IS checked ;)

I send you a mail ...

this is a problem of megaupload. Try to upload files via browser. It is NOT possible. I have just tried. This is not the first time when megaupload doesn't upload to their account, so I can't solve it

It works but when you upload a file, it appears in your account several hours later. Maybe they're having problems.

The problem was solved... :D
I have a solution. I upload de file and if not appear in the files in the acount for 5 minutes, then upload the same file with the Mega Manager the program will detect that the file already exist in the megaupload servers, then put it in your acount inmediatly. If you take too long time to do this you will have a copy of the file, because you will have a new link for the same file, so, the file will have two links, one in your acount and the other ??? maybe in a no memeber acount...

Now I can upload the files to my account, rarely don´t appear in my files. I think is because i have a dynamic IP.


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