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Speed of Uploads.

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Hi Zoom,

I version 4.2.4 my uploads are too slow, (250 kbps) +-

Have anyone speed limit for non registred users?

Im try too translate to PT-BR, but i cant download the file for this, have any problem with the link?



speed limit - it is possible if you are not registered and upload too much

tell me, what speed do you upload in browser + what host
and then upload something via my app ... and then post me both speeds

yes, language file hasn't been moved yet, I will add it to this forum asap :)

Hi frend i will send a screenshot of my uploads in ur program:

usually I can send files via the browser to 1 or 2 MB/s

I found another screenshot unsing FU v. 4.2.1 with good speed.

I really send a lot of uploads using this program, but in this speed im go back to the browser... =o(

Ps.: Im try send donate, but i cant, I dont have credcard...

1) upload via my program can't be slower than a browser :)
2) when you make a sum of your upload, it uploads 2MB/s ...

so I don't know what's wrong :)

Can you make a screenshot of your broswser speed :)

New screenshot added in previsous post using v. 4.2.1


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