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download link not founf in 4.2.6

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antivirus, firewall: Mcafee 2009 (I uninstalled Mcafee and it's still not working properly)
I'm not using proxy or router. (ADSL direct connection)
Windows vista SP1

You can see my error log there -> http://forum.z-o-o-m.eu/index.php?topic=103.msg313#msg313

thanks in advanced.

ok, thanks ;)
I really can upload to both servers you have in Error LOG, so there must be something that blocks my app :(
Or some bug in windows ... some people adviced me this ... but I dont know if it is for Vista

use this fix

and then check your PC

¿? both application are for XP (WinSock XP Fix 1.2 at least)... not for Vista.

I'll try to upload with my win XP, and I'll let you know what happen then...


Ok, I tried to upload some files from my XP...

to see in full size:

--- Code: newbielink:javascript:void(0); [nonactive] ---http://i44.tinypic.com/wjb52x.jpg
--- End code ---

As u can see, it's still not working...

I don't have an antivirus or firewall here...
It's weird, I uploaded a 35MB file to Klurk from my Vista OS and everything was just fine.
Have u tried to upload some file with more than 100MB size?

btw, it's a clean OS, I just installed. (XP SP3), and the uploader is working fine when I upload to Rapidshare or Megaupload.

estecb off.

as I see in error log ... it says "host not found" ... this means, that you are either not connected to internet or my program has no access to the site! Are you sure you can open that page via browser? ... This is not a bug (the second/backup engine says the same)

And NO multiupload service supports files bigger than 100MB as it uploads to all servers ... some support 100MB only, so the size HAS to be the minimum = 100MB!

well I can access to that site even upload files and everything works just fine. So, this means this issue has to be related to your application.

I tried with a lot of multi upload servers and anyone worked.


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