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General Discussion / Re: Format for copying links
« Last post by Zontir on 21-04-2018, 23:19:34 »
right click the field with mouse to see variables ;)
Hi, I have a question.

Is it possible to insert a line break between variables?
Kind of like %n \n %l
Where \n is the line break
Requests / Re:
« Last post by Freddy on 20-04-2018, 21:39:29 »
I can send you $5 if you can add it for next update using Paypal
Requests /
« Last post by Freddy on 20-04-2018, 21:13:22 »

Please could you add this to Link Shortner/Crypter with account support?
It's also known as but now redirects to .co

I'd like to use this using the right-click context menu "protect links"
Completed / Re: please add command- line or script control ...
« Last post by z_o_o_m on 16-04-2018, 09:24:29 »
I provide details to users with registered version.
WebControl is paid feature. Mail me if you want more details

Completed / Re: please add command- line or script control ...
« Last post by dav on 16-04-2018, 09:07:46 »
This is shown as a completed request, but how can we use it?
I can't activate web-view, and the command-line thing doesn't provide any help when I do
fileuploader.exe --help or fileuploader.exe /h
Is there any documentation about this?
Requests / Re: Auto archive before upload
« Last post by z_o_o_m on 15-04-2018, 11:17:48 »
you should rar your files with some script and then pass it into my program.
Requests / Auto archive before upload
« Last post by Mohadib on 15-04-2018, 00:08:28 »
Hi Z_o_o_m;
is it possible to add an option to archive in rar automatically
(in storage mode) files before scrambling of the filename and upload?
(but without splitting or cutting).
Ideally this option would be related to profiles.
(This will save me from having to do it for each file before using FUP...)

Possible to see in the future?

Thank you in advance for everything.

From France with love
General Discussion / Re: copy link with file name at the end
« Last post by guest148z4 on 14-04-2018, 03:14:44 »
thanks a lot :)
Bug reporting / Re: problem with link shortener
« Last post by z_o_o_m on 13-04-2018, 08:17:03 »
account support for this site is not available in the freeware version.
Registered version is needed
Bug reporting / Re: Cannot get correct download link on
« Last post by z_o_o_m on 13-04-2018, 08:14:58 »
just update
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