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Requests / Re:
« Last post by King-Zeus on Today at 11:53:01 »
hello, look there already

Requests / storage cloud google
« Last post by crewockeez on Today at 05:04:14 »
storage cloud google ?

thank you
General Discussion / Upload twice to the same server.
« Last post by Zontir on Today at 03:32:44 »
Hello everyone!

I would like to know if it is possible to upload a file when placing it in the queue and upload it twice to the same server that is already in the queue....

For example, I put in the queue an mp3 file that will be uploaded to zippyshare and another one to mega. nz, and I want that when dragging the mp3 file to the queue this one can be uploaded twice to zippyshare but only once to mega. nz.

Is it possible to do this?
Requests /
« Last post by Zontir on Today at 03:28:35 »
It would be very good if you added this hosting because it is very popular.
The truth is, I find it odd that he doesn't have it on his list.
These are their characteristics.

Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Downloads
Unlimited Upload
Unlimited file size
Unlimited Download Speed (Premium only)
Files Never Deleted (1kb -1GB)
Remote URL upload
Download-Accelerators support
Downloads resume
No downloads delay
No downloads captcha
No Advertisements (Premium only)

Service is 100% Free.

Is it hard to do for this hosting?
Or did no one recommend it?

I have already donated and am a registered user, and the truth is that I don't have much money to do it again.

Best Regards!
Požadavky / Hosting obrázků
« Last post by imgway on 16-09-2017, 17:26:16 »
Bylo by možné přidat hosting obrázků ?

 - neomezená doba uložení
 - 20 Mb na jeden obrázek
 - limit 1 Gb na jeden free účet
Requests / add XShare.Net OK
« Last post by xshare on 15-09-2017, 16:43:25 »
hi dear

i already donated for add my website :


please tell me when its will be on FileUploader...
Requests / Re:
« Last post by z_o_o_m on 13-09-2017, 21:11:50 »
please, send me an email with your request ( I will send you details and add your site in the next update.
Requests / REQ
« Last post by fileflares on 13-09-2017, 20:47:34 »

      we are from and want to add this web site in Zoom so kindly send me the Paypal ID where  i send Donation

                ,, 2048MB/7168MB, 7/30 days

Bug reporting / Re: Problems uploading to and mirrorace
« Last post by z_o_o_m on 13-09-2017, 17:10:39 »
report it

Bug reporting / Problems uploading to and mirrorace OK
« Last post by jkmario19 on 13-09-2017, 16:40:53 »

since yesterday I have problems to upload to this server, when I try to upload error and does not progress, could you help me?

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