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Požadavky / Re:
« Last post by Auntstix on Today at 09:26:53 »
Once again I will visit when I find support.
Požadavky / Re: dva nové image servery
« Last post by Auntstix on Today at 09:21:47 »
Only we can help each other in this regard.
Požadavky / Re: Hosting obrázků
« Last post by Auntstix on Today at 09:20:51 »
I agree with the story that is mentioned in this issue.
Requests /
« Last post by teraz on Today at 03:37:42 »
90 days
Bug reporting / I can't log on to
« Last post by Zontir on Today at 01:05:46 »
Hi, I have a problem adding new accounts from the server, when I try to log in it tells me that it is not active. Even though the data is written correctly it happens to me with all the new accounts I want to add.

I have noticed that by placing old mails these are added correctly, but these accounts are already full and I need to place new mails.
I think it's because of the domain name of the email.
These are

I have already reported it also through the program
General Discussion / google drive link structure?
« Last post by speedrunner on Today at 00:49:05 »
Can you update the Google drive link structure? Because the limit bypass method does not work.

current --> (bypass does not work)

For example, it may be as follows. (bypass works)

OR (bypass works)

Bug reporting / Re: Can't login to
« Last post by z_o_o_m on 19-11-2018, 16:15:13 »
Site change. I will update it.
Bug reporting / Can't login to OK
« Last post by Chocarrero on 19-11-2018, 11:49:28 »

I've used for a long time this software to upload files to using the[web] option in the hosters section. But last night I tried several times to upload some files and they were always stuck in "Process", no error message whatsoever.

So I tried checking my login credentials for this host and when I click on "Check acc" it is marked as "No" under the Active column. I can login perfectly fine in the Uloz website.

Thanks in advance for your help.
Hlášení chyb / Re:
« Last post by Relon on 17-11-2018, 22:48:22 »
problem částečně vyřešen děkuji za pomoc
Hlášení chyb / Re:
« Last post by z_o_o_m on 17-11-2018, 21:08:23 »
Jak neaktivuje? Ani se nespustí?
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