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folder with non-english font not working correctly


i dun know if i should post this here.

upload to google drive
when uploading a folder with Japanese name, it create many folder main folder with jap name and put 1 file in each folder.

[jap name folder] ---->a.txt,b.txt,c.txt

in google drive
[jap name folder] ---->a.txt
[jap name folder] ---->b.txt
[jap name folder] ---->c.txt

i dun have screenshot.

I have tested chinese letters and it works. Report it from program

I have the same problem

when I upload a folder with non-english character name( I tested in chinese name and japanese name)
It will create many same name folders

[chinese folder name] -> 1.mp4, 2.mp4, 3.mp4

I see in google drive

[chinese folder name] -> 1.mp4
[chinese folder name] -> 2.mp4
[chinese folder name] -> 3.mp4

And I find if there is a subfolder under the chinese folder name
It will happen too.

for example
[chinese folder name]\season1\ -> E01.mp4, E02.mp4, E03.mp4

in google drive i will see many "season1" folder :
I will found 3 same name "season1" folder.
[chinese folder name]\season1\ -> E01.mp4
[chinese folder name]\season1\ -> E02.mp4
[chinese folder name]\season1\ -> E03.mp4


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