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Process of adding new hostings (servers)

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here are some details.

* you can add any request in this section or send an e-mail
* [REQ] status means that this site has been added into my task list.
It can take long time to add it.
* [OK] status means that this site should be added soon
As there are too many sites in my task list and
people still request more, it is quite difficult to choose which one should be added first.

So here is donation plan for this. You can donate and the requested site will be added in the next update.
It will be 5-15$ for some easy site scripts, higher amount for difficult sites. Price is individual so I will tell it to you
after you request it. More persons can donate for one site to raise enough funds.
More about donations is here http://z-o-o-m.eu/donate.htm.
You will not get any registration key. You should mail me or add a note about that you want to add some site.

You can mail me for details

Muhammad Ali:
how can i add ma site to your uploader?

Send me an email with a link to your site.

please add http://intoupload.com to your list of websites.

Thank you for your program
Please add our next version


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